Input Devices

Lesson Aim

  • Explain the functions of an input device
  • Identify the main input devices

Your Task

You need to produce a powerpoint presentation about input devices. Your presentation will need a title slide and then a slide for each input device.

Each slide needs  the following

  • Title
  • Image of the input device
  • A couple of pieces of information about the device

You may use the internet to get images and information, but do not copy and paste text.

Use your own words


If you finish the presentation for input devices, create a similar presentation for OUTPUT Devices.

Introduction to HTML

Lesson Aim

  • Introduction to HTML
  • learn basic HTML commands



Main Task

Click on the link below to a HTML tutorial and follow the instructions to create your first webpage using HTML



Continue improving your skills in HTML by following the code acdemy course below:

Click on the code academy link below and create a user account.

Code Academy – HTML

Now continue on to the exercises



Introduction to networks – Students

Lesson Aim

  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of using a network
  • Know the difference between a LAN and a WAN
  • Know what hardware is required to create a computer network


Download the Spreadsheet and complete the wordsearch

Networks Starter


Network Student Presentation

Lesson 1 – Network Hardware Student


Complete the following Exit Ticket

Exit Ticket

Cover Work – Monday 29 Jan 2018

Lesson 1 – no cover required

Lesson 2 – No cover required

Lesson 3 – Year 11

Click on the tutorial below to find instructions on how to create a catch the ball game in Scratch. Use the tutorial to create your own game, if you complete the tutorial modify the game and personalise it.

Catch the ball tutorial

Lesson 4 – Year 13

Complete D2 and D3 for unit 28.  This needs to be completed by the end of today, to allow us to start the spreadsheet unit next lesson.

Lesson 5 – Year 10

Can you continue with the logo research from the previous lesson, and complete the powerpoint presentation.  You need to review 3/4 food festival logos ( ensuring you complete the sources table) and answer the review questions on the presentation in detail. The review presentation should be in their own folder if a student was absent last lesson he may go to the following folder:

Students –> ICT & Computing –> Year 10 /11 –> Unit DA203…


GCSE Computing – Algorithms

Lesson Aim

  • Understand algorithms (written in flowcharts or pseudocode), explain what they do
  • Produce algorithms in pseudocode or flowcharts to solve problem



Theory Notes

Algorithms Theory

Exam Questions

Flowcharts task

Pseudocode Task


Review initial learning through use of questions