Introduction to HTML

Lesson Aim

  • Introduction to HTML
  • learn basic HTML commands



Main Task

Click on the link below to a HTML tutorial and follow the instructions to create your first webpage using HTML



Continue improving your skills in HTML by following the code acdemy course below:

Click on the code academy link below and create a user account.

Code Academy – HTML

Now continue on to the exercises



Cover Work – Monday 29 Jan 2018

Lesson 1 – no cover required

Lesson 2 – No cover required

Lesson 3 – Year 11

Click on the tutorial below to find instructions on how to create a catch the ball game in Scratch. Use the tutorial to create your own game, if you complete the tutorial modify the game and personalise it.

Catch the ball tutorial

Lesson 4 – Year 13

Complete D2 and D3 for unit 28.  This needs to be completed by the end of today, to allow us to start the spreadsheet unit next lesson.

Lesson 5 – Year 10

Can you continue with the logo research from the previous lesson, and complete the powerpoint presentation.  You need to review 3/4 food festival logos ( ensuring you complete the sources table) and answer the review questions on the presentation in detail. The review presentation should be in their own folder if a student was absent last lesson he may go to the following folder:

Students –> ICT & Computing –> Year 10 /11 –> Unit DA203…


GCSE Computing – Algorithms

Lesson Aim

  • Understand algorithms (written in flowcharts or pseudocode), explain what they do
  • Produce algorithms in pseudocode or flowcharts to solve problem



Theory Notes

Algorithms Theory

Exam Questions

Flowcharts task

Pseudocode Task


Review initial learning through use of questions

Python – Practical Task

Lesson Aim

  • Use python skills gained to create a program to produce a solution
  • Design and implement a python program


How do we design a program.  Identify the variables, create an algorith and then produce the program

Main Task

Create a program which requests the length of the Opposite and adjacent sides of a right angled triangle and the calculates the Hypotenuse using the pythagoras theorem.


Modify your program to allow calculation of the other two sides.


Review how to design a program – identfy variables and then  produce code