Input Devices

Lesson Aim

  • Explain the functions of an input device
  • Identify the main input devices

Your Task

You need to produce a powerpoint presentation about input devices. Your presentation will need a title slide and then a slide for each input device.

Each slide needs  the following

  • Title
  • Image of the input device
  • A couple of pieces of information about the device

You may use the internet to get images and information, but do not copy and paste text.

Use your own words


If you finish the presentation for input devices, create a similar presentation for OUTPUT Devices.

Year 9 – GCSE ICT

Lesson Aim

  • Understand the importance of corporate image
  • Use a graphics package to create a logo


Introduce the project scenario, using ICT to help with the school Wizard of Oz production. Students brief is to produce promotional, financial and ticket systems for the production


Create a logo for your promotional material which will help develop the corporate image.  The logo needs to reflect the school and the Wizard of Oz. You will then need to prepare a cast member card for all performers, which they may use to gain early entry for dinners.


Review the importance of using suitable corporate image