Computing – Output Devices

Lesson Aim

  • Explain the functions of an output device
  • Identify the main output devices

Your Task

You need to produce a powerpoint presentation about output devices. Your presentation will need a title slide and then a slide for each output device.

Each slide needs  the following

  • Title
  • Image of the output device
  • A couple of pieces of information about the device

You may use the internet to get images and information, but do not copy and paste text.

Use your own words

Introduction to Spreadsheets II

Lesson Aim

  • Learn spreadsheet vocabulary

  • Create simple formulas


Download and complete the spreadsheet below



Complete the spreadsheet sheet tasks from last week, if you can not find your file download the copy below:

Week 1 – 2 Spreadsheet tasks – Skills building


Week 3 tuckshop – worksheet 17

Week 3 tuckshop with worksheet 17


Quiz game


Introduction to Databases

Lesson Aims

Know what is the use of a database

Understand Key database terms

Identify advantages and disadvantages of paper-based and computerised databases

Main Task

Introduction to Databases

Your task is to use the facebook poster to help you define the database terms on the database dictionary task. Find the files you need below:

Database terms task

Databases Poster

ICT Glossary


Lesson Aim

  • Know what is personal information
  • Know the possible risks of not following internet safety guidelines


Watch the video Chat guide safety


Discuss the issues raised in the video.

Pupils to experiment with movie plus in preparation for creating their own e-safety video.


Review e-safety rules