Hacking Tools

Lesson Aim
  • Identify tools which can be used for hacking.
Main Task

Your task is to write report in Word which identifies 10 different tools which may be used for hacking. At least 1 of the tools must be a hardware tools. For each tool identify how it works and what are its disadvantages.

Hacking Task

Lesson Aim
  • Know what is hacking
  • Know the legal consequences of hacking
  • Know how to avoid being hacked

Download the above presentation and complete it by answering the questions and adding images

Alternatively you may get the presentation from the following folder:

PUBLIC –> ICT –>  Hacking


Enigma Machine

Lesson Aim

  • To understand how cryptography was used during the second World War

  • To understand how the codes from the Enigma Machine were ‘cracked’

  • To understand the role that Bletchley Park played in the deciphering of the Enigma codes


Starter task


Your Task

Read the information about the enigma document below and then choose one or two boxes. Create a poster for the boxes you have chosen.

NB: Remember to follow the rules of a good poster

Enigma Information Document

Rules of a good poster


Exit Ticket

Online Shopping

Lesson Aim

  • Know the rights of online shoppers
  • Know the difference between validation and verification
  • Know the risks associated with creating online accounts


Discuss the rise in online shopping and creating online accounts and importance of having accurate data


Complete the worksheets below :

Online Shopping

Creating an online account

Extension work

Making payments on online


Review learning