Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Lesson Aim

  • Understand the need for an OS (Operating System)
  • Know the difference between open-source and propietary software

Main Task

Your task is to create a presentation about the the 3 major mobile phone operating systems. Include a slide on the positives and negatives of each Operating System. Identify whether they are open source or proprietary pieces of software. At the end create a slide giving your view on which OS is the best.

Computer Software

Lesson Aim

  • Know the difference between Proprietary and Open source software
  • Know what custom written and off shelf software are

Main Task

Create a powerpoint explaining what each of the above types of software are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using the different types of software

Year 9 – Computer Networks


Networks worksheet

View the worksheet below and answer the questions in your exercise book

Networks worksheet

Once you have finished you may create a network with the network simulation tool.

Network Simulation Tool


Parts of a Computer

Your Task

Your task is to create a presentation in powerpoint describing the different parts that make a computer system. Incluse the following as a minimum

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Disk
  • Power Supply
  • RAM
  • ROM

Hacking Tools

Lesson Aim
  • Identify tools which can be used for hacking.
Main Task

Your task is to write report in Word which identifies 10 different tools which may be used for hacking. At least 1 of the tools must be a hardware tools. For each tool identify how it works and what are its disadvantages.