Year 9 -Business letter & Flyer

You need to ensure you have completed your letter.  

The letter needs to contain the following:  

  1. Letter Header (including logo and Newsome high address) 
  2. Date 
  3. Name & Address of the recipient 
  4. Salutation (eg. Dear Mr Smith) 
  5. Main Content 
  6. Commentary Close (Yours Sincerely) 
  7. Space for Signature + Printed Name 


Once you have created the letter you need to create a flyer advertising the Paris trip to Year 11 Pupils.

The flyer is to be produced on Publisher and must meet requirements of the house style (use logo, appropriate colours and fonts). You also need to incule cost, date, 2 pictures 1 from clipart and 1 from the internet. The purpose of the flyer is to encourage students to go on the trip to Paris.

Example Business letter





Functional Skills – Database II

You will learn to:

  • Sort a database in Access
  • Search a database in Access (create queries)

Download the database below and save it to your user area:

Newsome Fitness


Create queries to carry out the following tasks

  1. Sort your database in Surname order
  2. Sort your database by Gender and then Firstname
  3. Find all members with surname Mcdonald
  4. Find all members who are under 21
  5. Find all members between 25 and 35
  6. Find all members who live on Claycliffe Hill Avenue or Street

Now create a report for your Queries


Unit 1 – 2010 AO4 Business letter

Your task is to create a Business letter using your House Style. The letter is for the parents of Year 11 pupils at Newsome wanting to go on the Paris trip.

Here is an example of the content you may put in the letter.

Example letter

 Use the presentation below to help you decide how to layout a business letter:

Functional skills – Intro to Databases

Lesson Aim:

Define Field, Record and File

Design a database structure in MS Access and add records to your database

Click on the link below to view presentation on databases


Now create a database structure to hold information about members of Newsome fitness Centre.

Use the design details below to design the table.

Database design details

Now add 10 records to your database.

Please ensure they are not for real people. 

Year 10 – Cover lesson 3

In todays lesson continue with your websites, you should have at least 3 pages of content on your website. Remember the content of your website can be straight of the internet, your role is to arrange it into a suitable format for publishing on the web.

Year 11 cover – lesson 1

You will need to continue with your website, Please complete the tasks below if you have already completed a task move on to the next task:

  • Complete your 5 page website with  at least the following:
    • suitable hyperlinks system
    • 5 unique images
    • 1 external link ( minimum)
    • 1 email link
    • user form
    • at least 1 roll over image
    • 1 image link or hotspot
  • Complete evidence sheet ( website checklist )go onto the moodle site for the example evidence sheet if you get stuck.
  • Print out each of your webpages to PDF from Internet Explorer and not Dreamweaver (these must be saved in your AO2 folder
  • Evaluate your website use the sheet below to help you.

Evaluation helpsheet

  • Go onto the moodle site and unit 2 course, move down to task 6 and complete the testing for your website. Use the example to help you.