Year 11 cover – lesson 1

You will need to continue with your website, Please complete the tasks below if you have already completed a task move on to the next task:

  • Complete your 5 page website with  at least the following:
    • suitable hyperlinks system
    • 5 unique images
    • 1 external link ( minimum)
    • 1 email link
    • user form
    • at least 1 roll over image
    • 1 image link or hotspot
  • Complete evidence sheet ( website checklist )go onto the moodle site for the example evidence sheet if you get stuck.
  • Print out each of your webpages to PDF from Internet Explorer and not Dreamweaver (these must be saved in your AO2 folder
  • Evaluate your website use the sheet below to help you.

Evaluation helpsheet

  • Go onto the moodle site and unit 2 course, move down to task 6 and complete the testing for your website. Use the example to help you.