Information Sheet

Mr Jewells has a turnover of £800 in January, £1000 for February, £700 for March, £750 for April, £800 for May, £1300 for June, £1500 for July, £1000 for August, £400 for September, £450 for October, £1200 for November and £1600 for December. 

The annual main masterclass that is hosted in February is really well attended and attracts 15 people who each pay £100 for the master class. As part of this master class Mr Jewells provides the attendees with lunch which he buys from a local catering firm who charges him £15 per head for a 2 course meal.  The venue that he uses to host this is the dance studio at the local college. Mr Jewells pays £275 for using this. But as part of the agreement the college allows Mr Jewells to use a smaller class room for the classes he runs from January to March free of charge. Mr Jewells earns £80 from the smaller classes he runs from January to March.

As Mr Jewells is retired he receives £300 every other month from his private pension scheme.  

The workshop that Mr Jewells uses to manufacture his jewellery from is well equipped, he pays £400 a month in rent, with a further £60 paid for gas and electric a month.  He also employees his nephew who he is teaching the trade to and pays him £200 a month (he only works part time).