Introduction to Databases

Lesson Aims

Know what is the use of a database

Understand Key database terms

Identify advantages and disadvantages of paper-based and computerised databases

Main Task

Introduction to Databases

Your task is to use the facebook poster to help you define the database terms on the database dictionary task. Find the files you need below:

Database terms task

Databases Poster

ICT Glossary

GCSE Computing – Databases Practice

Lesson Aim

  • Create filters in a MS Access Database
  • Create Queries in a MS Access Database


Introduce the task and demonstrate how to create filters and queries in MS Access

Main Task

Download the task sheet and database below and create filters and queries to carry out the tasks on the worksheet

Top track times

Top track times worksheet


Click link below and create a tweet of what you have learnt in todays lesson

Lesson review link

Unit 1 2010 – AO6 Using databases

Lesson Aim

  • To be able to add, edit and delete a database record
  • To be able to create a simple query
  • To be able to create a report

Your Task

You need to download the following two files and save them in to your AO6 folder and then complete the tasks on the evidence sheet using the database:

Hosts database

Evidence sheet 1

You may use the following video tuitorials to help you create the query required:

Query Tutorials

To complete the task you will also need the complete the tasks on the worksheet below:

Evidence Sheet II