Databases II – GCSE Computing

Lesson Aim

  • Know the role of the DBMS
  • Understand the need for relational databases
  • Know what a primary key and foreign key are


DBMS Presentation

Relational Databases


Take 15 minutes to read the notes below:

DBMS Notes

Relational Databases

Now complete the questions sheet below:

 Databases Task 


Click on the link below and add three things you learnt this lesson

Exit Ticket

GCSE Computing – Databases Practice

Lesson Aim

  • Create filters in a MS Access Database
  • Create Queries in a MS Access Database


Introduce the task and demonstrate how to create filters and queries in MS Access

Main Task

Download the task sheet and database below and create filters and queries to carry out the tasks on the worksheet

Top track times

Top track times worksheet


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Lesson review link