Year 8 – European Database

Lesson Aim

  • Gather information for creating a database of European Countries

Main Task

Your task is to gather information about the countries in Europe and store it in MS Excel. You need to gather the following information:

  • Name (Country)
  • Area
  • Population
  • Capital
  • Language spoken
  • Currency


If you complete the gathering of all the information for all the European countries. Create a presentation about one of the countries in MS Powerpoint.



Databases II – GCSE Computing

Lesson Aim

  • Know the role of the DBMS
  • Understand the need for relational databases
  • Know what a primary key and foreign key are


DBMS Presentation

Relational Databases


Take 15 minutes to read the notes below:

DBMS Notes

Relational Databases

Now complete the questions sheet below:

 Databases Task 


Click on the link below and add three things you learnt this lesson

Exit Ticket