Scratch – Pong Game

Lesson Aim

  • Understand how to add appeal to a game
  • Create a two player game in Scratch
  • Extend the game using skills learned



Questions to consider:

What makes a good game?

How can we introduce elements in to a game to make it more appealing?


Main Task

Your task is to create a two player game in Scratch.  Follow the instructions below to create the original computer game Pong.

Once you have completed the tutorials attempt to make some improvements to your game as suggested on the final slide


Play the game with student next to you and ask for advice on two possible changes to your game

Gcse Computing – Guessing game

Lesson Aim

  • Create a program from scratch to solution

Your Task

You need to create a program which asks the user to guess a number between 1 and 10.  If the guess is higher ask the user to guess lower, and if the guess is too low ask the user to guess higher.

Extension Task

Generate a random number for the user to guess.

Limit the number of guesses to 5 if the user doesn’t get the number in 5 guesses print sorry you lost.