Introduction to HTML

Lesson Aim

  • Introduction to HTML
  • learn basic HTML commands



Main Task

Click on the link below to a HTML tutorial and follow the instructions to create your first webpage using HTML



Continue improving your skills in HTML by following the code acdemy course below:

Click on the code academy link below and create a user account.

Code Academy – HTML

Now continue on to the exercises



Reviewing Websites

  • Main

Reviewing Websites

Lesson Aim

  • Think about criteria for judging a website

  • Understand that an effective website will match the needs and interests of users.

  • Evaluate the good and bad features of websites.


The Wordsearch (accessed via the link below) contains 15 keywords on the topic of Web Design. Find the words and try to remember them, they maybe useful in future weeks! 😉
Wordfit starter


As a class review the websites below and think about the different features of a website which have to be considered when creating a website.

BBC Website

BBC Children

BBC Beebies

Main Task

Using the template (Choose the appropriate one for yourself) below it is your task to pick two/three of the websites and evaluate them. You need to think about the good and bad points, what you would change and how you might do this.

Bronze worksheet – Level 4C last year

Silver worksheet – Level 4B or 4A last year

Gold worksheet – Level 5C or above


Click on the link below and give three must have features in a website

Web review 


Unit 2 – AO6 Testing your Website

Lesson Aim:

  • Identify what to test in a website
  • Create a Test Plan for a website



Main Task

You will need to test your website as one of the requirements for Unit 2. This is assessed in AO6, use the test plan template and worksheet below to help you:

Testing Template



The final task for this unit is to evaluate your website use the worksheet below:

Website evaluation sheet

Unit 2 – AO2 Image Optimisation

Lesson Aims

  • Know: How to optimise images for the WWW in Serif Webplus
  • Explain: The importance of optimising images for the WWW
  • Why: To create an effective website


Image Optimisation

Main Task

Explain the importance of Optimising Images by using the worksheet below:

Image Optimisation (Distinction)

Use the helpsheet below to optimise the images in your website provide the evidence on the evidence sheet:

Optimising images in Serif Webplus

Evidence Sheet

Alternative Links

Image Optimisation (Distinction)

Evidence Sheet


Unit 2 – Website completion

You will need to continue with your website. Please complete the tasks below if you have already completed a task move on to the next task:

  • Complete your 5 page website with  at least the following:
    • suitable hyperlinks system
    • 5 unique images
    • 1 external link ( minimum)
    • 1 email link
    • user form
    • at least 1 roll over image
    • 1 image link or hotspot
  • Complete evidence sheet ( website checklist) use this example to help you. (example website checklist)
  • Create an evidence sheet showing appropriate directory structure and back-up procedures
  • Evaluate your website use the sheet below to help you.

Evaluation helpsheet

  • Now complete the one of the testing templates below for AO6. Use the example to help you:

Test plan template

Test plan helpsheet

Produce evidence showing you have omtimised images in your website, use thhe worksheet below to help.

Optimising images