Planning a website

Lesson Aim

  • Create a web plan for a website
  • Understand what details need to be included in a web plan


As a class examine the example website and discuss good and bad features to identify a possible structure for your website

Main task

Use the website design sheet below to help you create a website proposal for your chosen scenario.  You may create a website for one of the following destinations:

  • Spain
  • Egypt
  • Jamaica
  • Florida
  • Ibiza


Click on the link below and complete the lesson exit ticket

Exit Ticket

Reviewing Websites

  • Main

Unit 2 – AO2 Backup Evidence

Lesson Aim

  • Know : Why it is important to back up their work
  • Understand: How to back up their website
  • Why: To ensure that in the event the hard drive fails they will be able to retrieve their work


Explain necessity of backing up there website and show example

Main Task

Back up your website and provide evidence on the worksheet below:

Backup evidence Sheet

Alternative Link

Backup evidence sheet

If you have provided evidence of backing up your unit 2 work, ensure you have met the merit and distinction requirements for AO2 in Unit 2

Unit 2 – AO2 Image Optimisation

Lesson Aims

  • Know: How to optimise images for the WWW in Serif Webplus
  • Explain: The importance of optimising images for the WWW
  • Why: To create an effective website


Image Optimisation

Main Task

Explain the importance of Optimising Images by using the worksheet below:

Image Optimisation (Distinction)

Use the helpsheet below to optimise the images in your website provide the evidence on the evidence sheet:

Optimising images in Serif Webplus

Evidence Sheet

Alternative Links

Image Optimisation (Distinction)

Evidence Sheet


Year 11 – Thursday Lesson 1

Lesson Aim:

  • To evaluate own strengths and weakenesses in unit 2
  • To complete unit 2 and ensure ready for submission
  • To complete animation or video for second optional

Main Task


Your task today is to ensure that on your evaluation for your unit 2 website you havediscussed your own strengths and weakenesses. Once you have done this you may finish off Unit 2, if already completed continue with your second optional unit.

Unit 2 – Year 10 2011

Complete evidence sheet ( website checklist ) use this example to help you. (example website checklist)

Create an evidence sheet showing appropriate directory structure (same as for unit 1) and back-up procedures (sameas for unit 1)

Print out each of your webpages to PDF from Internet Explorer and not Dreamweaver (these must be saved in your AO2 folder)

Produce evidence showing you have omtimised images in your website, use thhe worksheet below to help.

Optimising images

Now complete the one of the testing templates below for AO6. Use the example to help you:

Alternative Testing worksheet

The final task for this unit is to evaluate your website use the worksheet below:

Website evaluation sheet