Unit 6 – Software Development

Lesson Aim
  • Factors affecting choice of a programming language


Complete the Assignment Task 1 below:


You are working as an assistant to a trainer who delivers courses on programming.  They have asked you to prepare some presentation materials in the form of PowerPoint slides for an introduction to the course.  The presentation material you prepare should cover:

  1. The factors which influence the choice of programming language for a particular project. (P2)
  2. The typical applications for and limitations of procedural, object-oriented and event-driven programming approaches. (P1)


Introduction to Python Programming L2

Lesson Aim

  •  Create and use variables
  • Understand how strings are stored in python

Discuss what to programs.

Sequence – Selection – Iteration


Download the file below and complete the tasks by creating appropriate programs in python

Variables worksheet


Why do we use variables when programming?

What three main tasks are performed when programming?