Information Sheet

Mr Jewells has a turnover of £800 in January, £1000 for February, £700 for March, £750 for April, £800 for May, £1300 for June, £1500 for July, £1000 for August, £400 for September, £450 for October, £1200 for November and £1600 for December. 

The annual main masterclass that is hosted in February is really well attended and attracts 15 people who each pay £100 for the master class. As part of this master class Mr Jewells provides the attendees with lunch which he buys from a local catering firm who charges him £15 per head for a 2 course meal.  The venue that he uses to host this is the dance studio at the local college. Mr Jewells pays £275 for using this. But as part of the agreement the college allows Mr Jewells to use a smaller class room for the classes he runs from January to March free of charge. Mr Jewells earns £80 from the smaller classes he runs from January to March.

As Mr Jewells is retired he receives £300 every other month from his private pension scheme.  

The workshop that Mr Jewells uses to manufacture his jewellery from is well equipped, he pays £400 a month in rent, with a further £60 paid for gas and electric a month.  He also employees his nephew who he is teaching the trade to and pays him £200 a month (he only works part time).

T- Levels Gartner Cycle

Activity 1: Hype cycle (45 mins)

Instructions Using the Gartner Hype Cycle take an upcoming technology and identify risks, constraints and dependencies that would be a part of it, as well as any benefits and drawbacks to a business for implementing the technology

Activity 2: Online collaboration tools (45mins)

You work for Gomez Design Ltd. They create innovative designs for sportswear and have been forced to work online due to the Covid19 epidemic. You have been tasked with looking at ways of maintaining strong employee communication and encouraging collaboration as staff work from home.

Search online for two collaborative tools and do a benefit and drawback analysis of each prospective business tool (e.g. MS Teams/Slack/Google).

Present your findings and suggestions in a Powerpoint

T- Level – Organisational Structures


Activity 2: A digital organisation (45 mins)

The below links will direct you to several organisation case studies.

Ask your students to choose one and identify challenges the organisation faced that could be resolved by technology.

Ask the students to provide an overview of the organisation, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them/ could have overcome them using technology.

Introduction to HTML

Lesson Aim

  • Introduction to HTML
  • learn basic HTML commands



Main Task

Click on the link below to a HTML tutorial and follow the instructions to create your first webpage using HTML

HTML Tutorials


Continue improving your skills in HTML by following the code acdemy course below:

Click on the code academy link below and create a user account.

Code Academy – HTML

Now continue on to the exercises