Year 9 – Computer Networks


Networks worksheet

View the worksheet below and answer the questions in your exercise book

Networks worksheet

Once you have finished you may create a network with the network simulation tool.

Network Simulation Tool


Introduction to Computer Hardware

Lesson Aim

  • Understand the differences between input and output devices and recognise where sensors are used in everyday objects


As a class view presentation and identify the key computer peripherals as input, output or storage devices.



Create a Word Document with the title Inputs and Outputs.

Create and complete a table like this:


Extension Task

For each of the different types of sensor, state an everyday item that uses this sensor and explain how it is used. Here’s a reminder of the different sensors:

  • Light
  • Temperature
  • Moisture
  • Pressure
  • Motion
  • Smoke


  1. What is a peripheral device?
  1. Give an example of an output device connected to a computer.
  1. Is a mouse an input or an output?
  1. Give an example of an everyday device that contains a sensor. How is it used?