Parts of a Computer

Your Task

Your task is to create a presentation in powerpoint describing the different parts that make a computer system. Incluse the following as a minimum

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • Hard Disk
  • Power Supply
  • RAM
  • ROM

Year 7 – Introduction to Computers

Your task is to research information about early development of computers.

Use the presentation below to complete the worksheet provided:

Code Breaking and the Collosus


Introduction to Computers

Extension Work

Use the information from the sheet below to create a timeline for the development of computers.

Development of Computers worksheet

Create Angry Birds using Scratch


Your task is to create angry birds in scratch. You will find all the resources you require below:

(NB. Sound resources have not been included as there are no speakers attached to the PCs)

If you have difficulty reading any of the scripts download the PDF file and zoom in to make it more accessible


Tutorial 1               Video 1angry_birds

Tutorial 2               Video 2

Tutorial 3               Video 3

Tutorial 4               Video 4

Tutorial 5               Video 5

Tutorial 6               Video 6

GCSE Computing – Operating Systems

Lesson Aim

  • Know three different types of Software ( Operating System, Utility and Application)
  • Know what the main functions of an operation system are
  • Understand how these functions are performed


Example Operating Systems




Click on the link below and add three things you have learned about Operating Systems today:

Plenary task